Rocky Balboa To Hit PSP

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Making a game based on a movie is quite common and if the movie is a hit at the box office then the chances of the game succeeding increases, Ubisoft seems to have followed a similar strategy but an amazing thing fact is the game is going to be released only on PSP platform. The reason for this might be that licensing the rights to create this game must’ve been quite cheap and ya the efforts and the resources needed to create a game on PSP are much less then the one needed to create a game on other big consoles (like PS3, Xbox 360 or a Wii).

Anyways whatever may be the case in the game you are suppose to take up the role of Rocky Balboa, a former heavy weight champion who’s stepping out of retirement. There are many modes in the game which also allows you to fight the characters which featured in the earlier movies. In the historic fight mode, all the fights from all the Rocky movies are available for play.

Then there is this story mode where in you have to recall your past glory in order to defeat the champ (Mason). The Exhibition mode allows you to play our fun “what-if” scenarios, it also allows you to match any to rockers in the arena. This game makes you feel the come back of Rocky as match after match his moves become more polished with dramatic movements, huge turnaround punches and stuff.

And last but not the least don't forget to challenge a friend in the Multiplayer mode. It is to be released in this month.

Two Factors Which Could Save PS3 In The Console War

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Sony is having a tough time competing with Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the console war, but there are two factors which could possibly save PS3. First thing is that PS3 is the cheapest Blu Ray player and PS3 has made Blu Ray quite famous, so people have started buying PS3 for the Blu Ray player and as they are buying it they probably don't mind waiting for some good games to hit PS3. Ya i agree that there are hardly any games in PS3 right now, but someday or the other the games are bound to come.

It’s amazing that a game like Resistance Fall of Man is only using 20-25% of the PS3’s full potential, this is the second factor which could make PS3 the next generation gaming console. Imagine what games in future will be like. I guess such games will hit PS3 in late 2007 or early 2008, but that would prove to be boom time for PS3. I observed that such a thing had happened with Sony's earlier console PS2, Initially the quality of the games which hit PS2 was not that good but lately the graphics and other stuff was just amazing. Here is a quote that Sony's CEO Howard Stringer stated in a CNET interview.

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that the current games that are out there are only using about 20 percent to 25 percent of the [PS3’s] bandwidth. Once the publishers’ excitement reaches a level of intensity that they start using more of the bandwidth, that will create additional excitement.

A Robot or Rather a Skate Boarder

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Looking at this thing for the first time anyone would mistake him for an ordinary robot having 18 joints but on closer look one notices a Paul Rodriguez within him and he neatly proves it when he is allowed to perform . This roller skating sensation from Plen is a ble to hop on the skateboard, balance himself for a quick rides and pops trick ollies to top it off.

18 joints of this little Tony Hawks are controlled remotely using custom software on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, and features a built-in battery that lasts a sweet 25 minutes on a single USB charge.

This cute little thing may not seem so cute when you hear about the price tag, it is priced at 2075$ nows thats definitely not cheap.

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Not Just A Clock, A Widget Station

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Well these days things don't do what they are supposed to do. They do much more than that. Sometimes to such an extent that you forget what the device was supposed to be about in the first place.

A very good example is this clock by Emtrace known as the WidgetStation. A conventional clock can show the time and at most the day and the date. The WidgetStation on the other hand can connect to the internet and can grab widgets which can display everything from the weather to the stock ticker and even Flickr photo streams. The widgets can be viewed on its two screens: one monochrome and the other colour that will display the widgets which you have chosen.

PS3 The Best Console Of 2006 says IGN

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This was a surprising piece of news we read on the famous game site IGN. IGN gave its best console of the year award to PS3 that came to me as a shock, actually i found it a bit strange because recently the news has been all around that Wii is the winner of the console war and if not Wii then it has to be the Xbox with the most number of sales during the last year but its definitely not PS3 anyway here is what IGN had to say about it.

Nintendo's Wii launched to massive mainstream applause and a lot of hope has been placed in the potential for gaming innovation via the console's unique controller. Nintendo disappointed some, however, by choosing not embrace HDTV or to compete with Sony and Microsoft in processing power. The Wii can't even play normal DVDs.

Judging the consoles based upon a broad perspective that includes software now available and coming in the future an entirely different argument could be formulated. However, from a hardware perspective, the PS3 is by far the more interesting console. Though the launch software hasn't blown anyone away, the 360's launch titles were equally unimpressive, and the system will certainly mature. Sony's embrace of the PS3 as a computer rather than just a console, and the availability of supported Linux distributions for the console will also develop and will likely bear entirely unexpected fruit in future.

Its Not My Sock Thats Stinking, Its My Phone

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Sony Ericsson has unveiled the SO703i which was created for Japanese wireless operator NTT DoCoMo. Whats special about the phone? If you are going by its looks then the answer is nothing. If you think it has cool new imaging features you are wrong again. Advanced music management capabilities? Wrong again. Then wtf does this mobile have? Well it can stink.

The SO703i incorporates scented sheets and gives off a pleasant and relaxing aroma when opened.
I don't know if we can use our own sheets. But if we can then i will be using the smell of my sock as the aroma of my choice; it will keep me away from it long enough to reduce those ever increasing phone bils. Sigh.

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Wii Sex 2: The Half-Assed Sequel

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Crysis for Xbox 360 Rumour Rubbished

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In their previous podcast the guys at 1UP had announced that EA was looking at a Crysis game for the Xbox. The game play would take place in the same universe but it would have little that is similar to the PC version because the 360 doesnot support DirectX 10 which has been used beautifully in the PC version of the game. Apparently this rumour was just that, a rumour. The guys at EA informed IGN that there was apparently some sort of communication gap that had resulted in the announcement. EA claims that there are no plans for a port for the Xbox.

This of course means nothing at all. I think in all probability, work on the port has already started and EA are just waiting for the right time to make their announcement.